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7 Lessons From Selling 77 eBooks and 7 Subscriptions On Gumroad

Hey, my name is Gabe and while this is my first post on the board, I figured I'd share my best tips for helping you get more sales.

Back in February, I had this bright idea of creating a product on Gumroad, because I saw many other marketers I respect doing it.

I thought to myself:

"Hey why not put a basic PDF together with some valuable email marketing lessons for $5?"

So I did exactly that.

People seemed to enjoy it, so at the end of March I put together a more detailed email copywriting guide.

People liked that too, then in May I launched my Twitter list building guide which quickly sold more copies than my other 2 guides.

(it made sense since I was mostly building my list from Twitter)

All of this led to my current project of Email VIP.

While it's taking a bit longer to get going, it's my most valuable info yet.

So today, I figured I would share 7 lessons from selling 77 email marketing ebooks and 7 subscriptions through Gumroad.

Let's get right into this:

1. Email marketing is gold

In my incredibly biased opinion, one of the best things I've done is build an email list.

If you're looking to sell more products, having a list of people interested in what you're selling is a no-brainer.

My favorite way to build a list is to create niche content and promote my email landing page in my bio and promotional posts.

My favorite way to build a list is to create niche content and promote my email landing page in my bio and promotional posts.

As for emails, I've been sending daily but even 1-3 times per week works pretty well with a link to buy at the end.

2. Don't be afraid to sell every day

My background is in sales, so selling every day online was second nature to me.

I've realized through talking with people that not everyone feels the same way, and if you're afraid to sell daily, think about it this way:

If your product is valuable, why not offer it?

I've found most "reasons" seem a bit ridiculous after putting it into that context.

3. Raise prices but not too much

This is something I may have been a bit overzealous with, and mainly due to watching other highly respected marketers selling books and courses for $200-$2000 and more.

For example, one of my guides was selling incredibly well up until it reached it's current price.

Now the conversion rate is down 70%, despite the potential ROI being so much higher than the cost of the information.

Knowing what I know now, I would have raised the prices slower and got more data first.

On the other hand, I still think a lot of creators aren't charging enough and could easily increase prices to earn more.

4. Create a custom sales page

Don't tell Gumroad I said this, but the default sales pages aren't very good and the layout is a bit clunky.

You only get 1 buy button and unless you change the theme, it's all the way at the top right of the sales page on desktop. Mobile seems fine though.

Once I created my own custom page, my sales increased almost instantly.

I think it's mostly due to the consistency of the sales funnel, since my custom page looks exactly like my email landing page.

If you want to create your own custom page, you can use something like Carrd to create an entire funnel.

It's super cheap to get a Pro account and really easy to use compared to my own Wordpress site.

If you do this, odds are your conversions will increase even with the exact same words on the page.

5. Not every offer is a winner right away

My first product went pretty well, my second product went even better, and my third product sold more copies than that.

But my membership site?

It's going to take more time to get it really going.

The whole subscription concept is brand new to me, so I have to work on learning from other membership site owners and subscription products in different niches to see what's working and what isn't.

6. Always be testing

In related news, I've been in a constant state of testing for both my membership site and for all my ebooks.

-Testing new headlines
-Testing new leads
-Testing new sales pages
-Testing new pricing
-Testing new angles

And that's just part of the various things I think to test across each month.

Some new tests have worked really well, while others have flopped and I reverted to the original.

Realistically, I go a bit overboard with the testing considering I'm not sending a lot of visitors to my sales pages every day (yet).

However most of these tests still follow the principles of sales I've learned over the years.

That said, I'd probably recommend simply testing new promotional angles to get more visitors instead of revamping the sales page every week.

7. Focus on building an audience

This is something I've been putting a bit more effort into lately, because it can make a big difference down the road.

Yes, I still sell often, but my goals are starting to shift towards building a community of like-minded people with similar goals.

The replies I get from the emails and tweets I send out are definitely starting to show the results of these efforts, and it's awesome to see.

That's all I got for now, so I hope you found this insightful and if you have questions, hit reply and let me know.

Talk soon,

P.S. Technically I've sold 95 products through Gumroad, but that includes my old fitness guide which we aren't counting here.
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