Illustrator, Cartoonist, TTRPGer
Hi, Iā€™m Micah! Iā€™m a professional cartoonist and illustrator. I love mythology, comics, and pin-up art!

Grow Your Audience goals and more!

Hi everyone! I'm happy to be here. My name's Micah. I'm an illustrator and cartoonist who works with a lot of gay pin-up art, tabletop gaming art, and comics. My big project is my mythology-meets-superheroes comic, the Sparrow. It's like Percy Jackson meets the Avengers!

I wanted to give this "Grow Your Audience" thing a try because marketing and audience growth are something that I've struggled with. Thankfully I'm starting to learn who my audience really is and how important identifying my audience is to growth.

Twitter is where I've had the most success by far. My instinct is to learn how to grow there, but I feel since I'm already doing well on Twitter it might be worth working a different platform. You can find me there at http://www.twitter.com/micahdraws

However, I'd like to establish a good presence at least one other place besides Twitter. Social media can be fickle and I don't want all my eggs in one basket. I am debating between TikTok, Instagram, or Youtube but those all lean toward videos and I'm not a fan of video editing. I would like to gain traction on at least one of those places, though. So I think my goal is to pick one of those and gain 100 followers by the end of this challenge.
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