Prasoon Majumdar

I love to sit and do some meditation and also tell others how to do it. I also love travelling and an amateur photographer/videographer. I love audio engineering and this is my new found love after meditation.

Crossed 1k downloads in 3 months

I have crossed 1k downloads in my Yoga Nidra podcast in 3 months with 7 episodes, lots more to go here, shoutout to  John Bartmann  for his continuous support and mentorship. Thanks a lot  John Bartmann 

Thanks to all listeners who are supporting me in this journey.

Let me know how it sounds, doing continuous improvements and lots are planned for future.
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Another episode on Yoga Nidra

Hello dream-warriors,

I have come out with another episode on my Yoga Nidra Podcast, please lend me some ears and provide feedback on how it all sounds.

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Yoga Nidra Podcast

Hello Everyone,

Its still day 1 for me but its available on multiple platforms now :

 Please visit it and let me know. I am working on new episodes, feedback/suggestions welcome. If you look at the link, it has a small anchor logo, if you click on it, you will reach my Anchor profile that has links for all the platforms and if you just click it, you will directly hear it here. Also Anchor does have a voice feedback button, please use it and provide some audio feedback too, will be great to hear from all of you 😃
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Yoga Nidra soft trailer

Hello Everyone, 

I am Prasoon and trying my hands first time here in #14DayProductChallenge. I just created something from the scratch and its related to mental health and spiritual well-being, something i am always very excited about. I feel this inner circle has amazing minds who can help me explore and guide me more in this journey. All i am looking for is a genuine feedback on the same. I am posting my link here. Request all to please visit it, hear it with headphones only and let me know how it sounds basically. I am working on this to improve it better as this is only a trailer and very short introduction to what i am planning to publish here. I am eager to collaborate in this one.

Link :
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