Justin Jackson

Co-founder of Transistor.fm
Bootstrapping and podcasting

Podcaster, creator, SaaS founder

💵 I made my first dollar on the internet using Gumroad back in 2013!

🎙️ These days, I'm the co-founder of Transistor.fm with Jon Buda (podcast hosting and analytics)

📈 We started working together in Feb 2018, launched Aug 2018, and were both full-time by Aug 2019!

👂 We're a part of the creator economy, and already have customers using Gumroad to charge for access to their private podcast.

🐦 I'm on Twitter at @mijustin

✍️ I've shared all my best bootstrapping tips at justinjackson.ca/bootstrap

🎧 I host two podcasts: MegaMaker and Build your SaaS.
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