Lalit Pandey

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What's your biggest struggle as a creator?

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What book are you reading currently?

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What's your favourite movie?

I had a really busy week and I would love to chill out with a good movie.ย 
Suggest me some.ย 
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What are you working on over the weekend?

Hello Creators,ย 

Are you working on a product, feature, or just chilling out over the next 2 days?ย 
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Which upcoming Gumroad feature are you most excited about?

  1. Membership Trial: Offer users a trial of your membership subscription.ย 
  2. Multiple seller support for the selling portal.ย 
  3. Splitting earning between co-creators or
  4. Google Analytics 4 integration
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Drop your product for constructive feedback

Hey fellow creators,ย 

Drop your product link for feedback from a user perspective.ย 

I will be providing it for every link. No limit.ย 
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What is your favourite Note taking app?

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What are you creating today?

So, what are you working on today, fellow creators?ย 
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