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Can I add emails from my lead magnet to my bi-weekly newsletter?

I’m not sure if its ethical or legal 😂.

Basically, I have a free email course. With 20-30 downloads. And I want them to be part of my bi-weekly newsletter.

The topics are roughly the same.

Must I ask them to sign up for it or can I just add them to my newsletter?

Or should I tell them “hey, by downloading this guide, you are also subscribing to my newsletter”

Not sure what’s the right way of doing this 😅

Getting Downloads & Sales From Twitter

In the past 3 days, I’ve gotten quite a few downloads and sales from Twitter.

Here’s how I did it:
1. Post valuable content around your products.
My lead magnet and paid product revolves around side hustles. So my tweets are about that.

Don’t have a tweet idea? Take a small snippet from your product and tweet about it. Share the value.

2. Tweet 5 times and comment on 10 others a day.
Social media platforms require you to be… well, sociable. Engage with other creators.

3. Join an engagement group.
People hate on engagement groups but they work. It helps you find new creators as well.

Find the group that suits your style. You might need to jump around from group to group until you find your tribe.

4. Always promote
Be proud of your work. You’ve created a hella good product. Now, tell the world about it.

Pro tip: don’t promote in the first tweet. Write a non-promotional tweet first. Once it has gotten a few engagements (likes, RTs) then you plug your lead magnet as a reply.

5. Have fun
Try out different tweet style. What works for my niche might not work for yours. Use memes, jokes, stats, videos, etc.

Execute, analyse, tweak and repeat.

I hope this helps!

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Learning About Your Side Hustle

Hey everyone! I’d like to learn more about you and your business. Specifically if you are running a side hustle or your business started out as a side hustle.

I’m building a course to help people explore and understand the different type of businesses they can start on the side, without leaving their 9-5.

Benefits of collaborating:
- Get your business in the eyes of more people
- Higher affiliate commission to share the course
- 80% discount to the course

Comment “interested” and what your hustle is 👇🏻

I’ll reach out to you afterwards 😊
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