New post - QUERY pro tip

Hi all,

Are you using the QUERY() formula ? Have you ever wondered if you could use it by selecting the column names and not the letters?

I leave you this article that explains step by step how to do it.

Have a nice week!
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NEW PRODUCT - Project management

Hi all!

I just uploaded a new product to manage projects and tasks from Google sheets.

I personally used it for some projects and found it super simple and very useful.

I hope you find it as useful as I do: 


Hi all,

I want to share with you my new template:

It's a tool to send WhatsApp messages from Google sheets!
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2 articles on medium

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Gumroad admin - Google sheets. NEW PRODUCT!

Hi everyone!

I invite you to check out my new product, uploaded yesterday:

It connects via API to Gumroad from Google sheets.

Some interesting features:

- You can create discount codes and assign them to a product (with the length of characters you want). I used it to upload 5400 codes to a product in 2 minutes!
- Delete discount codes
- Pull your sales into sheets
- Pull your products info into sheets

Great opportunity to automate some processes like store owners in Gumroad.
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Discount codes

There is a way to add more than 1000 discount codes to one product in a simple way?
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Affilates program

I launched 4 products yesterday and am looking for affiliates to sell them!

Good commissions and great products.

Interested comment and I'll add you!
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New products!

Hello everyone!

I'm Milton, a Google sheets developer with many years of experience as a freelancer, doing all kinds of automations/integrations.

I decided to try to sell my time and start selling my knowledge as products.

Yesterday I launched my first 4 templates! You can see them here:

They are google sheets templates with coding, API integrations with Slack, Shopify and more.

Thank you!
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