Arpit D

Video Editor,
Hey everyone! I am a video editor, photo editor, audio editor, CG expert. I love to capture photographs with my DSLR.

Shotcut Video Editor Cheat Sheet

You could get it for free if you use shotcut video editor:-

Cheat Sheet (

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I create very good edits, My main video editing software is Vegas pro, I came over to gumroad to give free CC0 stuff to my subscribers or any person who needs them and till now I have uploaded a Cheat Sheet or Shortcuts PDF of a Video editing software in Gumroad.

I also do photo and audio editing and as a hobby, I capture photographs of plants and flowers with my DSLR or iPhone. However, I do not accept editing videos, photos, or audio of any person as I do not want money and I just create free stuff for everyone to help them. Sometimes I ask people from the front to give me videos that I can edit so that I can also do practice and help them by editing their videos for free at the same time.

I am also a fan of Rick Astley, So I created my profile pic related to one of the trends (rickroll:-)) he started.
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