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Post request after customer purchases

Hey Gumraoders,

I am working to license my software with licensing keys and the current licensing api just does not cover all of my bases. I am looking to get a post request from gumroad to my own custom api after a customer purchases so I have a complete list of customers in my own api.

I have been reading through the docs and I can't seem to find any information on Gumroad about this but I have seen other post about it on stackoverflow and the like. Any thoughts?

Or is there a webhook ping that can be sent after a purchase has taken place?


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License Keys Testing

Hey Gumroaders,

I am working on doing some testing with the license keys to properly license some proto-type software I'm bringing to the market. I've been reading through the docs which are helpful but I seem to be missing how I can setup a testing license key that I can hit with my application to make sure my verification logic works properly. Does anyone have some advice for this process?

I did create a membership product but I didn't see a place to create a testing license I could hit.

Also, I notices in the docs the cURL example of calling the licensing api however I am wonder am I able to create that example into a full url link?