Juan Reina

Developer, amparosoft.com
Electronic Engineer, M.Sc. Physics. I am the CEO and developer at amparosoft.com. I love guitar, weight lifting, traveling, photography and movies.

Day two -Free tablature

For day two challenge, I am sharing our guitar transcription and backing track of the song "Chicken Pickin' of the 17th Century - By Impellitteri" to our community so our clients get to know our innovation in music education technology. 

Selling guitar education content and software

Hello, I'm Juan. Amparosoft's developer and CEO. We develop apps and software to help people get better at guitar playing, which is our passion. We have found gumroad to be an effective platform for selling our products. Mostly for its simplicity at purchase.

I am joining this challenge to increase our sales of one of our products which is a rather unique collection of blues rock guitar licks. Not only they are challenging to play, but sound amazing and are meant to be learned with our advanced tab and audio player that syncs video, audio and tab together by using a format called asong which we also developed.
Good luck to you all