Samantha Main

The Fated Knitter
Hi there! I'm a knitwear designer and yarn dyer. I love knitting and dyeing (obviously), and enjoy helping others improve their knitting and the relaxation it brings.

Day 4 Update

I've just used the post feature to announce a 50% off offer for the next 10 buyers of one of my knitting patterns. This is a colourwork cowl pattern and I've reminded them of my website article that gives my three secrets to making colourwork work. This pattern has had success on another platform, but none yet here on Gumroad.

So far this week, no sales. Let's see if this changes things.

ETA: 2 sales on Gumroad so far. One at full price!

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Hi there! I'm Sam and I'm a knitwear designer and yarn dyer. I enjoy knitting and yarn dyeing, obviously, and have several self published patterns. But sales could be a little more frequent. I asked my current audience for their opinion on two knitting pattern book ideas. Both were hits and I have started writing the first of these already. Some extra sales of my existing patterns would help fund the costs of producing the samples needed for the photography. I'm really looking forward to this challenge! Why are you doing this challenge?
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