Investing Simplified

Hi group!

My content is around creating financial freedom by controlling cash flow and simplifying investing.  No meme stocks or get rich quick here.  

I write on LinkedIn on weekdays.  You can follow me here: 
Brandon Grittini | LinkedIn

I've gained several hundred followers the first month I've done this.  

I'm interested in testing video and evening posts as well.  

In addition to the follow, I'd love any engagement from you, including any topics related to my niche that you'd like more info about. I'm happy to create a post related if it fits (and if I really know the content)
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Grow Your Audience Challenge Goal

My name is Brandon Grittini and I create content to help people simplify budgeting and investing.  

I write weekdays on LinkedIn and have been doing so for almost 2 months.  

I currently have 1,893 followers on LinkedIn.  

I'm going to continue to focus on that platform. 

I have 2 goals.  

First, I would like to get to 3,000 followers by the end of July. 

Second, I want to start growing my newsletter list on Gumroad.  Currently, I have 0 subscribers. Ouch! 

I plan on having 50 by the end of July.  

Wish me luck! And thanks for your support along the way!
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Budgeting and Investing Simplified

Hi Everyone! 
My name is Brandon Grittini and I created Surge Money Mentors to help people create financial freedom by building skills and confidence that help you eliminate debt, simplify investing, and build wealth.

I write about these topics weekdays on LinkedIn.  You can follow me there if you'd like Brandon Grittini | LinkedIn or you can join my Gumroad newsletter (It would be really awesome if you did!) Surge Money Mentors (
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