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First ebook now live: challenges and feedback

With the help of  Pedro Hernandes   Miguel Cobá , the Gumroad community and especially Andy McWain, I've managed to publish my first ebook "Make a Podcast Worth Sharing: A Guide to Earning Listener Trust".

The end stages weren't as simple as I thought they would be. I'm pretty clued up on creative stuff, but layout issues across different devices make ebook formatting way more complicated than exporting a PDF from Google Docs (which many YT vids and outdated resources suggest). Everything can go wrong, and we don't all have 50 different devices to test on!

I'm requesting feedback from the community so I can make it better. If you'd like a copy of the book for free (PDF or EPUB), please message me and I'll send you the 100% discount code. In return, I ask that you kindly screengrab anything that looks weird and send it to me, along with your device type (here or at music AT

Thanks folks!

Here are a few of the snippets from the book:
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Help. Lowest-value product tiers are now showing by default

Up until recently, the tier of your product which you positioned at the top:

...was the preview price which was shown on your profile page and in discover. 

Now for some reason it appears that prices are being listed from the lowest value up (in this case $0):

So previously, these three products' values would have been listed as $15 , but something's changed recently. 

Can we roll it back or have an option so that it doesn't look like everything we've published with a free tier IS completely free?

First ebook! Requesting help on layout & formatting

Hey kids, I'm about to launch my first ever ebook called 'Make a Podcast Worth Sharing'. I wanna avoid layout issues on different devices (esp Kindle). 

Can anyone point me to some good resources for making sure all your ebook formats (pdf, mobi, epub) look good on all devices? 

I'd be happy to send the current drafts to you in the various formats if you're willing to be a helpful pre-reader. 

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