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People who sell digital content what will you do if someone is selling your pdf, video course .. digital content as their own?

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Wanted True and Yearly True now working together

so in my pricing page i have setup the url to be wanted url and yearly true

if i visit the url it works but if i am trying to add it as a popup the first page is visible what to do?
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Custom Domain Affiliate Link

I want the affilate link to be custom domain not how can i?
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Made my first sale on Gumroad ๐Ÿฅณ

Initially i didn't wanted to use gumroad because of 8.5% + 0.3 share when i saw i can decrease that with paid plan (10$/month) & i can add affiliate option too (this is very helpful) i added gumroad payment button rather than using paypal smart button

thanks gumroad for making add affiliate this easy

PS: i am creator of blurweb.appย and sold the licence to the same
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Not able to get ping variants

i am using gumroad ping but i am not able to get variant of the purchaseย 
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