GumStats - Gumroad Sales Tool
SaaS creator, working on a Gumroad profile page generator to help other creators list their products.

Linktr.ee for Gumroad products listing

I have seen people using linktr.ee to display all their Gumroad products. I am wondering why not they just use Gumroad profile page. I understand if you need to link your other social links, linktree could be useful. But most of the users I have seen just have Gumroad products listed. I would appreciate any comments on this.
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Gumroad social proof tool

Hello everyone,

I have been building various software tools for the past 2 to 3 years, I learned a lot but nothing turned into a recurrent revenue stream. Lately, I was reading a newsletter about Gumroad social proof tool. I thought, it will be a useful tool to increase sales of Gumroad products. So I spent a few weeks in building this tool https://gumstats.com.Β 

GumStats, once installed on your website, which only takes a few minutes, can show social proof notifications. It connects to your GumRoad account using oAuth protocol, and fetches your sales data.

Types of notifications
Recent sales (in the last 8 hours)
Last 7 days sales
Last 30 days sales
Active usersΒ 
Active users today

You can control the notifications by using various configuration options like the position, delay, duration, and so on. You can also see the statistics in a beautiful dashboard that shows total page views, notifications shown. You can check https://embeddedentrepreneur.com/Β  which uses the service now.
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I am Kamban, a software maker.

Hello all,
Excited to join the community. I love to lead to free life where I get to decide how I spend my time. No wonder, I am part of Gumroad members. As a first step, I am building https://gumstats.com. A social proof notification tool for Gumroad products(not affiliated to Gumroad).
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