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🎈 One Good Thing now has a website! Curating all the goodwill and good things

And, about two months later, celebrating the power of little joys and happily seeing 550+ people discover their good thing.

This satisfying work definitely came with bouts of challenges, but with an app that tries to focus on one good thing at a time, it's sure to keep you going high with the lows.

Discover and add your feel-good things so you can inspire people to find their bit of motivation, everyday. :)

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Hey folks, 

Nice to e-meet you! This is Aishwarya Ashok from India. I build products at Zoho, and I also co-founded TheProdcast, a tech podcast company. I love building stuff, and that led me into creating a simple no-code app called One Good Thing. I have launched it on Gumroad, a few days back.

Would love to know your suggestions! Also, would love to catchup and learn together! :D 

Drop a 👋

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Discover your One Good Thing today


Dealing with uncertainty and helpless guilt during the pandemic time makes it hard to function and process everyday things. As a little step, here's one way to fin something new and indulge in it to find some motivation.

What's One Good Thing?
One good thing is a curated repository of ideas and thoughts to keep you motivated during tough times. Feeling overwhelmed and looking for something feel-good? Discover an activity that can restore goodness.

How to use One Good Thing?
This tool is a public curation, so the more you think you can help others find goodness in the little things that worked for you, the more magic it creates. :)

You can also find what others liked doing, and mark some activities as favorite to revisit and try again.

Do add your good things and together let's seek solace in simple joys.

One good thing awaits...

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