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Makers: Are You the Future of Work?

To build up subscribers for my upcoming course I've been using a few tactics. One of them is content marketing and another is competitions and challenges. Combining these two I've submitted an essay in Mediums' Writers Challenge.

The essay pulls together observations I've made as a technical founder and maker myself in the realms of productivity, business and technology. I put forward a new model of work where Makers' businesses are integrated on the blockchain for optimal efficiency in a coronavirus impacted world. In my opinion, it's an opportunity for a significant reset - to put the Maker back front and center and curb our footprint on the environment.

I'd really appreciate feedback from you all here in the Gumroad community.  

Hi Makers! Anyone struggling with time?

My passion is helping fellow makers, developers and founders improve their productivity. I’ve previously published a pomodoro inspired app ‘DayNinja’ and blog about getting more done.

Now I’ve joined Gumroad for the #14dayproductchallenge, building a course to teach my method of entering the flow state on demand.  The way I see it:

The flow state is our built-in 'killer app’ for productivity.
Why not use it?

As makers, we know our productivity doubles when in the flow state.  
The challenge is how to induce it every single day. 

Personally, as an app developer, founder and app agency owner I struggled with the issues you face: 

Yes, it’s easy to do deep work.  
Yet, it’s near impossible when bombarded by constant interruptions.

To break through and achieve your goals you need to win back time.  My course is "Induce the Flow State on Demand: the DayNinja Method"

Please comment or follow me for updates.

UPDATE: I've setup a landing page.  Please signup here for drips of content, tips and release updates: 
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What do you think of my Product Title? 🤔

As part of the Gumroad #14daychallenge. 

I knew this day would come.

I finally have to make a decision on my course title 🙀. 

My question: should the title be descriptive or outcome/results focused?

I call my technique "The DayNinja Method" as it is part of a theme in my website, app and other products.   However, for this course... I've been bouncing ideas around and getting feedback. 

My specific course teaches you how to activate the flow state on demand. 
As makers, we all know we at least double our productivity when in the flow state.  The challenge is how to do that every single day.  

So the ideas for title are: 

'Flow State on Demand' (descriptive)
'4hr work day' (outcome focused)
'Induce the flow state on demand' (descriptive, how-to)

My thinking is it would be like two part title:
The DayNinja Method: Flow State on Demand'

Thoughts, critiques or last minute contenders?
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