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Putting myself on the hook

Not gonna lie. I'm nervous about putting myself "on the hook" by announcing my #14DayProductChallenge on Twitter. That term, "on the hook" is discussed in Seth Godin's most recent book, "The Practice: Shipping Creative Work." In one chapter, he talks about how we choose to put ourselves on the hook (unlike what a fish does!) when we commit to shipping/publishing/releasing your creative work to your existing or intended customers.  (If you're not a reader, you can learn about the concept from this podcast/Youtube video.)

So, here I go! In 14 days, I plan to release the STEM Reads Toolkit to the public, believing that once I do it, I will strengthen the muscle to do it again. And again. And again. Most importantly, I hope that my work make a positive difference for my customers.

If you're inclined, follow my #14DayProductChallenge journey on Twitter: @jnamatthews.
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Should I make it downloadable, and editable, or no?

What is the decision-making process for choosing whether to make a digital product downloadable, editable, or view only? 

I'm building a database of popular and award-winning children's STEM books, categorized by STEM discipline, STEM career, and other custom tags. The database will also include links to popular STEM-related and bookish resources. The intended audiences are teachers and parents. 

I'm considering Airtable or Notion (and close cousins of both of these). 

Thanks for your help!
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