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hey everyone! I'm Digital Marketer & LinkedIn Marketing Blogger. I have dedicated my good four years to start my blog to help people worldwide grow in their careers. Helping other people develop has consistently been my most significant main thrust.

Hi Awesome GumRoad Affiliates!

Hi Awesome GumRoad Community!

Giuseppe Gurrieri here. I am the founder of Linked Assist, and I am looking for affiliate marketers like you to promote my product on Gumroad with a fair commission.

Here you can find my GuRoad product.

If you are interested, you can leave me a message on my Websites Chat.

To find out more about the affiliate program, you can visit this link.

If you have any questions or want to know more about the details, please let me know.

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Hey, Awesome GumRoad community!

Hey, Awesome GumRoad community!

I'm Giuseppe Gurrieri - founder of Linked Assist.  Very excited to introduce myself and my brand, "Linked Assist", to the community here!

I help professionals to Market on LinkedIn and to grow their LinkedIn Network through automation ( while creating long-term business relations at the same time.

Assisting other people to develop has consistently been my most significant main thrust. My intention here for this community is to add value by posting regularly my fresh educational content.

That's me. That's my brand. I hope you'll enjoy what I will tell you.

Hit me at if you have any questions!

P.S. If you are interested to learn more about LinkedIn Marketing, then you should visit my Blog:
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