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Hey People, your on my profile. I am an enthusiast of Tech, how about you??

The Story - One

It's being 2 - months since I last heard from my client. 

And I must say I enjoyed the conversation we had. 

Everything went well until he said "He would call me back" 😕

Now, me going to his company was to provide a solution in exchange for their problems. 

After receiving the call, he paid my company and I was compensated. 

I write from my Laptop 💻
Start Your day with Optimism 👍
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Road to My EBook

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I see alot of post on this platform every single day, I must say they are lot of entrepreneurs cropping up each day.

Many  are now digitalizing their skill here on Gumroad which Is fantastic.

Show some support by Liking a Post today!  ♥️♥️
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My Post After One- Month

Unfortunately this post is coming late, Gumroad refuse to let me do anything for the past 1month  due to some reason out of my reach.

Am happy am back, Now let get down to business.
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Having issues

I till can't post content on Gumroad. What is happening ??

I can't take this anymore 
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Can't Post

What happening, am unable to post on Gumroad. My post button has being disabled. Who has experienced this before? I need your help.😕😕😕😕😕
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How to Connect Your Ideas with Your Audience

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Eid-Mubarak guys
Wishing my friends Happy Eid-Mubarak
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