UI Designer and Frontend Developer - r19.in
Hello everyone! I'm a UI UX designer and Frontend Developer with 13+ years of experience. I love creating clean and elegant user interfaces.

Product Preview

Hello creators,

I had planned to launch on 29th November, but had to postpone the launch to 7th December as help and customization documentation is pending.

The product is almost ready. There may be minor updates before launch.
Preview it here.

Feedback / suggestions welcome.
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Day 15 - Launch Landing Page

Hello all,

Happy to be a part of the #14DayProduct challenge.
Learned a lot from all the fellow creators.

I have published the landing page for pre-order.
It will be released on 29th November 2020.


Thank you all for your support and feedback.

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Day 3 - 13

Hello fellow creators,

There were no updates from me after Day 2.
Besides full-time job, I had been busy with an urgent freelance client work. So didn't had any updates. I almost had written a status update to quit the challenge in morning, but I thought let me give a final go.

I spent 6 hours at a stretch today 10 am - 4 pm and I am 60% done with my work. My release might get delayed a bit, but I am planning to complete it be it 16 days or 17 days.

My gumroad product page is 90% ready. Just need to create product banners and upload source files.

Available for Pre-order from 14th Nov (Diwali)
Launch on 25th Nov

Feedback welcome.
May have some minor refinements before final launch.

Day 2: Pick Your Topic and Outline Your Product

Just a quick status update:

Narrow Down Topic
There are a wide range of categories in e-books, but I have narrrowed it down.
I will be going for 2 variants of landing pages
1) General purpose - for e-books on Tech / Business / Freelancing
2) Specific for - for e-books on Cooking recipes

Rough Outline
I have created a rough timeline on how do I plan to go:
  • Design the page layout (2 x 3 days)
  • Convert to responsive HTML/CSS code (2 x 2 days)
  • Create documentation on how to use (if time permits - 1 day)
  • Create some options to make it easier for non-tech people to update theme or colors (1 day)
  • Provide support for customizing the page and adding content
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Day 1 - Finding product ideas

## Pick a Topic You Already Have Expertise In
- I have expertise in UI Design / HTML - CSS - JS

## Keep Your Scope Small
- Design and code a Landing page for e-books 📖
(also planning for - online video courses if time permits
 ... any other specific requests are welcome)

## Find Your Reason Why
- Save some time and effort for e-book sellers
- Build some audience for future products
- Get paid to do what I love

I don't know whether it would generate any sales or not.
But this time I would like to have a go at it 🚀. 
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Hello everyone...!!!

Namaste 🙏 everyone

I am Rhythm Ruparelia from INDIA.
I am a UI Designer 🎨 and Front-end Developer 👨‍💻 with 12+ years of experience. I enjoy designing and coding the UI stuff.

I have a couple of ideas to get started. But have procastinated a lot. Hope I get going this time. Looking forward for the #14dayschallenge.

It would be my first time building in public.
Looking forward to learn from and share with the community.

Cheers ... 🎉
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