Financial Freedom Wizard

Hi everyone, I am a financial freedom enthusiast and want to share how everyone can get there through investing, creating income streams and a positive mindset.

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I am having an issue adding an image into the product description field. I have inserted a photo on the iphone and it appears fine on the mobile version of gumroad.

But when i go and look on the desktop version it does not appear. Not sure if it's a formatting issue or something.

Any help appreciated.
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The Financial Freedom Wizard is here

Hey creators!

I am here to try and build a financial freedom community.

It's been around a while but so many people do not realise a financial freedom lifestyle really is attainable.

My goal is to bring it.

Investing, creating additional income sources and having a positive mindset is how I want to get people there.

I am from Ireland and am into fitness, healthy eating and travel.

I have grown a decent Twitter following @finfreewizard of 3,500 followers and my next step is start getting my ideas down on paper in a content format.

Hence I arrive here to you!

As part of the 5 day email list challenge I want to create some content - a mini guide introduction to financial freedom

You guys need to make me accountable.

Look forward to the journey and engaging.

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