Grow your audience challenge - Day 1
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Content creator focusing on LATAM/Southeast Asia

Hey folks! Andrew here (, and I'm excited to connect with this cohort. I create content on startups in Southeast Asia (where I used to live) and Latin America (where I am currently). I'm originally from New York, and I assume, like many of you, the pandemic threw a wrench in life's plans. So, instead of moving to Jakarta last year, I stayed back in MΓ©xico.Β 

I wrote a book about the different startup scenes in Vietnam (, published the first season (covering PerΓΊ) of the Planetary Potential podcast ( a few months before the pandemic ramped up, and I'm currently working on my second book while the podcast production is delayed due to COVID.Β 

For most of 2020, my content and writing output wasn't focused; I've been hovering around 1,200 followers on Twitter now for some time. Within a year, I'd love to 10x my followers on Twitter and invest in startups in Southeast Asia and Latin America on a more regular basis while concurrently building up seasons of the podcast.

Also, I'm open to collaborating on an article or opinion piece if it fits with your content strategy and interests. Thanks for reading!