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Going from zero to 100 with an ebook

I recently wrote about how I've passed 100 sales of my first ebook - also my first proper info product I'd managed to actually sell.

I thought I'd drop some thoughts and notes in here to help others trying to get started.

Like many people reading this, I had barely sold anything online this time last year. I'd tried multiple times to sell things online for many years, but couldn't get past launching. Something just wasn't working.Β 

Determined to change this, I took a course in mid 2020. That course taught me there was a process to it, which will give your ideas more chance of succeeding.

I now realise there are a few important ingredients to creating and selling online that many are unaware of, or ignore because they're hard. The 3 most important ones (which I'd missed before) are:


Don't just build or make something you feel like creating. Find out if there's need, or if people are buying something similar already. If you skip this, you're putting a lot of time into something and just hoping for the best.


Don't jump straight into building a whole product. You could be way off in the way you're delivering your idea in the eyes of your customers. Instead create the smallest element of it possible (e.g 1-2 pages of an ebook), and show it to 5 people who have showed interest in your idea. Use their feedback as you create a bit more. Repeat this until you can be confident you will sell at launch, and go all-in on creating the rest.Β 


Don't focus just on creating. Build anticipation while you create, so you have an audience when you launch. This means being part of the community you hope to sell to, and building in public. Both of these will build trust, empathy and interest in what you're doing, ready for launch day.
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