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I help web developers and designers become freelancers.

Gumroad Landing Page Review

Hey everyone 🙂

If you leave your Gumroad landing page URL below, I'll go through it and give some feedback on how you can improve it (if there are any improvements to be made).

So post your link below and starting from next week, I'll reply 🙂

Let's also make this a team effort, so feel free to help others and give feedback too!

To your success 🚀

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The Grow Your Audience Challenge

We're thrilled to announce the next cohort of our newly-revamped #GrowYourAudience Challenge! 

Learn how to create content that gets attention, increase your followers, and grow your community. 

Challenge starts on June 9th. 

Register here 👇🏽 
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🍎 Exciting News: We Now Accept Apple Pay!

You asked, we delivered.

Apple Pay has been one of the most popular requests from creators and their customers, and we’re excited to announce that it’s here!

Bonus: You can now accept Google Pay as well!

If you haven’t tried Apply Pay yet, read more about it here.

Are you a creator?

Let your audience know by sharing this news with them on social media or your newsletter!

It's been a popular feature request, so it may lead to an increase in sales.

(Add a small discount to generate even more sales)

Here’s a quick message you can copy for Twitter:

@gumroad now supports Apple Pay!

To celebrate, use coupon [insert your coupon] to get X% off!

[insert your product link here]


Have any questions?

Email and we’ll be happy to help!


The Gumroad Team
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🆕 Full-text search for posts.

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🆕 Option to modify publish date of post.

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🆕 Show your list of followers.

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🆕 Allow creators to change the “View Content” label.

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June's Goals

What are your goals and plans for this month?
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