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eBook Writing Workflow for Developers

Hello I am Miguel Cobá and I wrote a guide to configure your computer to have the best workflow for writing eBooks.

I created it by following the #14DayProductChallenge and I am very glad with the result.

Here you can see my product page:

eBook Writing Workflow for Developers
The ultimate setup for developers writing eBooksI'll show developers and other tech writers how to setup their computer to have the perfect workflow for writing eBooks.Why this exists?I wanted to write an eBook and while I was organizing my thoughts I started researching the eBook publishing tooling landscape. It is overwhelming.After a day researching I ended in the same place as I started, still not knowing what to use and how to use it. After more hours installing, configuring and testing, I finally got with the best combination of tools and workflows to write eBooks.I realized that maybe there would be people wanting to create their first eBook with the same problem as me: realizing they don't know much about the tools and processes involved. So, this is my solution to that problem: a tried and tested compilation of tools, result of dozens of hours of researching, that will allow you to create professional looking eBooks.What does it contains?This is a concise guide with specific instructions to:Install the required software to write eBooksInstall and configure a text editor with specialized plugins for eBook writingCreate a repository in GitHub or GitLab to keep track of all the changes to your contentCreate scripts that can automate the generation of popular formats like PDF or ePubOrganize the content in a way that is future-proof and that allows you to create any complex eBookCan I see the table of contents?Sure, here it is:Table of contentseBook Workflow SetupProject directoryVisual Studio CodeAsciiDocOur first BookPDF generationePub generationAutomate PDF and ePub generationVersion trackingSplitting the book in chaptersWho is this for?This guide is aimed to developers and tech writers that are confortable with using version control software like Git and command line tools that can be automated to optimize the workflow from writing to publishing the eBook to the public.Who is this not for?Of course everyone can, with more or less effort, make something of this guide, but if you prefer visual tools, or word like interfaces, maybe this guide is not for you. If you don't feel at home opening a Terminal window in your computer or writing text commands by hand, this guide is not for you.If you prefer visual tools, and prefer clicking menus or buttons, sadly, this guide is not for you.What I'll get?You'll get an eBook that contains the detailed instructions about what to install, how to configure it, how to keep track of versions and how to generate the popular formats for eBooks.Does this work?Yes, they do. I used the very same workflow to write this eBook you're about to purchase. So, it is tried and tested. If you follow my instructions and you can focus on creating your own eBook

And here you can follow me for updates on this or my next book.

Miguel Cobá
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