20% fees instead of 5%?

Hi, I noticed that I'm losing 20% in fees instead of the advertised 5%

Here's my receipt, partner fee is much higher than 5%:

Gross amount
£7.19 GBP
PayPal fee
-£0.51 GBP
Partner commission
-£1.55 GBP
Net amount
£5.13 GBP

Does anyone know why this may be?
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https redirect won't work

I have my https website set up to redirect to https://gumroad.com/3dillusions but I keep getting the following error:

This site can’t provide a secure connection

3d-illusions.co.uk sent an invalid response.

  • Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

Seems to be set up correctly on my ionos server.  Anybody experienced/fixed this?  No one can access my shop at the moment.
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improve google rankings

Best way to get my individual product pages in the top 10 of google rankings?

I have a product called '3d models - washing machine', but if I type that exact title into google, it doesn't feature in the results at all.

I have the identically named product on blendermarket.com, and that does appear on the second page of google's results.

Anything I can do to get my gumroad product pages to rank simlarly to blendermarket in google search results?  Can't find any SEO tools (adding keywords etc).
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sub pages, sort and filter for shops with a lot of products

Hi, what functionality is available for shops with a lot of products please?  For example can you:

have sub pages
search within shop
filter within shop
sort within shop

anyone recommend a good app/website for scheduling projects and their sub tasks?

anyone recommend a good app/website for scheduling projects and their sub tasks?  Doesn't need team functionality, just for a freelancer.  Needs to have a timeline with dates across top and projects/subtasks vertically.

Any chance of adding a 3d graphics category?

Any  chance of adding a '3d graphics' category to help people find my work using Gumroad Discover? 

'Animation' and 'Design and Tech products' are the closest available, but it's not where I'd think to look if I was a browsing customer.