Rowe Morehouse

Product Designer

Gumroad Affiliates: How are you $$$ doing?

On ClickBank I have quite a few affiliates promoting my products. 

Is there an active affiliate community on Gumroad? … 

If you are an an affiliate, what type of assets to like to get to help you promote?

Any tips to Gumroad vendors / creators trying to pick up new affiliates? 

🙏🏼 🙂
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Hey, what up everybody — I'm Rowe. 

🔥 I've been creating and selling info products since 2004. Have done well on ClickBank. New to Gumroad. I'm working on developing some new products in the "career" space. 

I'm looking for tips and tricks to grow my list and be successful on Gumroad. 

Looking forward to meeting people and making friends!


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