Course Idea Feedback Requested

I have a considerable amount of sites that I use to make money online. Depending on how I categorize them, there are 7 - 10 different "types of work" available. There are 150+ sites I have in my records.

In a given month I could make between $200 - $2,000+ depending on how much effort I want to put in. None of it requires any experience outside of the ability to read and follow instructions. A few might require a test or have an application process. 

A few questions if anyone has the opportunity to respond:
  1. Do you see this having a narrow or broad interest?
  2. Is 7-10 work types with 150+ sites too overwhelming? I have a table that will allow someone to filter based on different criteria.
  3. Would it be better served as a different course for each...
    1. Type of Work
    2. Based on demographics; age, location, etc.?

I appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks much!
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Hello All

Thanks for putting this together Team Gumroad. I have been working away at a project that keeps becoming too large. It's probably a fancy way of procrastinating.

I am hoping for this 14 day challenge to help narrow my focus, hold me accountable and give me some tips for a successful launch.

I can't wait to see all the success that comes from this group. Best luck to all.
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