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I'm an astronomy and space popularizer, a Google Product Expert, and a podcaster

Gumroad brand kit

Is there a Gumroad brand kit? I mean a set of downloadable images of the Gumload logo for making buy buttons, such as the ones for different retailers on the typical landing pages of ebooks.

I'm aware of the widgets. But I'm wondering about more basic building blocks, just images of the logo for making plain clickable icons.
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Profile vs follow page

I'm not sure I understand the benefits of the Gumroad follow page, which seems redundant. 

The profile page provides similar information and the same follow box. Plus, the full product list gives a better idea of what kind of content the creator offers and the domains they cover.

It is possible to edit the pages separately, but I can't figure how to edit only the follow page. But, even having separate pages, I fail to see the benefits of keeping two and what their intended use cases are.

So far I share only the profile page. A subdomain of my personal domain points to my Gumroad profile page, which is clearer and easier to remember.

Any insight into the rationale behind the follow page?
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