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Growing My Audience

Hi all, I have a few businesses. I recently completed some social media training and now am ready to work on growing my audience for each business. 
I think I saw a post yesterday about picking the channel appropriate to your business or product to grow your audience....,

I've selected the appropriate social media channel for each business. I'm completing a social media calendar and posting content. Thanks for the challenge! 
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Day 8 Pricing

I was still working on building an audience. I just completed a youTube video of me playing with my horses. I need 150 subscribers before the youTube channel can have the business name. Anyway, please share and subscribe. For the remainder of our challenge time, I will need to write like the wind!

For the horse training book, I should complete the cover tonight, and hopefully by midday tomorrow I will have completed my Gumroad landing page...., the book..., will be a training manual (multiple manuals ..., everything I teach broken down into numerous manuals instead of one big book). Sort of the idea of How Do You Eat an Elephant..., One Bite At A Time...., Achieving financial success book. I'm playing with the same type of concept ..., training a horse ..., one lesson at a time!

I hope you all enjoy the video...., I really do love horses -- they are amazing and all I know needs to be in books/videos. Anyway, back to writing. 

Thanks for the Challenge!

Day 5 -7

Busy ..., working on building an audience. I've been shooting video and editing .... A little behind but I have managed to write each day. Tomorrow I'll finish my cover designs, and create a landing page. I might need to create two landing pages because I am writing for 2 different businesses...., which are branded completely different. I seem to remember a previous webinar mentioning you can create multiple Gumroad accounts.

This is a good challenge because it is keeping me going.  
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Day 4 Update

  • My product will be an ebook, I should be able to get both done by the end of this challenge (I picked two products). I will use InDesign for layout, photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for artwork and my cover. My horse training epub will also have video and I will do the video editing with Premiere Pro. I have scheduled a training video shoot for this Saturday to get more specific videos and images.  I managed to get my 3 tweets out, I didn't get my Instagram post done but have templates ready to go. 
  • I won't be outsourcing anything, I did rope a friend into handling my video equipment. 
  • I've been illustrating needed diagrams during the wee hours - like now. Tomorrow I've managed to schedule a half-day so other than my video shoot Saturday I will devote all my time this weekend to this.
  • Finally, special thanks to Randal and the Gumroad folks because this is getting me moving along my path! 
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Day 2: Pick Your Topic and Outline Your Product

I have selected two products to start with..., I have two businesses that I want to push forward with educational products. The first topic or product is ebooks with Horse Training information. The first ebook under this heading is Riding and Training the Canter. 

This first topic is selected because it is what my current students are asking for and what many riders struggle with. I will create multiple training ebooks from ... So You Got A Horse, Being Balanced in the Saddle ..., etc. I have created an Instagram, and YouTube Channel ..., done the YouTube Channel Art..., started posting some video...., have collected a few years of video which I am now editing. I plan to create the ebooks using a combination of writing and short embedded video in an attempt to improve the readers/viewers' understanding. My goal is to give the viewer something they can have on their phone or iPad so they can take the device to the barn when they practice the techniques with their horses. 
The second topic is also an ebook for my spiritual enlightenment business. The ebooks from this business will fall under the umbrella of A New Perspective: Looking at The Bible through Metaphysical or Enlightened Eyes. The first ebook working title is God Answers it is an analysis of a Scripture John 14 12-14. The book is my analysis of how answers come, Jesus, and the role of non-physical energy, the transformation of energy into matter,  Universal laws and deliberately creating one's reality in an aware fashion. I selected the topic because stressed clients were looking for more inspiration from merged traditional and enlightened ideas. 
The books from both categories are outlined and partially done.   
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Hello Everyone,

Hi, I'm a Writer, Horse & Human Trainer, Graphic Designer, and Spiritual Enlightenment Coach. It's time to put some of my knowledge into tangible product form so am grateful for this opportunity to move forward. Thanks!
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