Hi, I am an investor working on my first Gumroad guide. You find me at Twitter @10YearTarget

Introduction to 10 Year Target

Hey everyone. My name is Erik from Norway. 

Online (on Twitter) I'm known as an investor. I build my wealth through investing the patient way through high savings rates and low risk.

That's why I wrote the book The Patient Millionaire where I wrote about my strategies on my way to financial independence.

It was released last week, so it's still quite new.

Since it's a "Sales Every Day" challenge I would say that my goal is to sell 1 book every day this week. 

You can find the book here (30% off if anyone is interested 
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Nice to be here. Your best advice?

Hi, there first-time poster and first-time creator. I’m about to finish up my first ebook. Happy to join the community.

What is your number 1 hot tip for creators? (Content, marketing, design or similar)
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