Flo Tasser

Hey there! I'm an artist/designer, and I've been doing cover art and merchandise Illustrations mostly. Besides my profession I love: guitars, heavy music and a fair bit of gaming. Love nature and animals.

Artist/Designer offering Textures and References


Hi there, excited to be here!

By trade I am a 2D/3D Artist, Designer and Illustrator. A little weird, but I'm a generalist really, hard to fit into a category. I have a full time job in an advertising agency, have a small and - currently asleep - clothing line, worked freelance for a couple of projects for bands and I want to make great products that other artists love to use. Making a nice side income is the goal here.

A couple of years ago I uploaded photos I took when I was in Ireland (took them for myself initially). Artists can use them for reference and photo bashing, where you cut out parts of images and paint over them. They are free. Over 300 downloads yet.

Most recently I created a paper textures package for digital artists. You can emulate a real sketchbook, watercolor painting, oil painting etc.
In the time it's been online I had 75 sales on Gumroad so far.

I just updated the package this weekend. Before it was 17 different paper textures, now we're at 50 for the complete pack. Also increased the price slightly (~20%) from 4 to 5 dollars and so on.

I would love to know what other Gumroad creators think about my page, especially about the paper textures. So exciting to be able to sell things you made yourself. I love Gumroad.

Here's my page:
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Thanks and have a great day everybody.
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