Internet Enthusiast
Hi to one and all. I enjoy using online tools to create almost anything I find interesting. Nothing particular. My imagination is my limit.

Caterpillar Now. Butterfly Tomorrow.

Hi everyone. I just thought I should jot this down for my future self. I joined Gumroad a few days ago and came upon this community of beautiful people. I say beautiful because I was a bit nervous to join but after going through a few posts and some comments I felt a bit at ease. So, to my future self:

"You did it man. You started from zero everything. Zero-knowledge on how to get subscribers, zero subscribersπŸ˜…, no idea what you want to create just that you love creating and this vacuum in your stomach caused by not knowing how this all ends just the hope it ends well. Fast forward to your day and you DID IT! Congratulations. I'm proud of you."

If you're reading this and you're like me, just starting out, I hope you get a sense of relief knowing that you aren't alone.

Thank you.
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