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I am a mathematics teacher and author with over 30 years of experience between 4 countries on 3 continents.


Greetings Gumroad,

What is the most efficient way to upload my videos to this platform?  I have had two days where in excess of 20 videos were uploaded and other days where only two or three videos are captured.

I have watched the buffering go from 17% to 40% to 60% back to 38% up to 50% back down to 28% and this is very frustrating.

What am I doing wrong? 


Greetings Gumroad, 

I am uploading 450-500 videos under one product.   These are mathematics videos.  As of this moment, I need guidance by way of charging a fair price.  Too cheap a price may prove to be a turnoff, but to expensive will leave me without business.  

Please share your pricing ideas. 

Thank you! 

Streaming vs Downloads

Greetings Gumroad Community, 

I am in the process of uploading mathematics videos.  I have 412 created, but intend to bundle 450 to 500 videos in one package.  

One of my friends who is a tech guru suggested that I make it possible for the videos to be downloaded.  

My initial idea, however, was to stream the videos and sell or request subscriptions on a monthly basis.  Using this model, my intention was to continuously add new content on a weekly basis.  

I had $25.00 in mind by way of a monthly membership, but have not studied the market to see whether this price is credible.  The idea of allowing one to dowloand all of my work had a price of $295.00 attached to it.   

May I stream and download simultaneously or must I upload my videos separately under two separate ppackages? 

My intention 
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Mathematics Videos

Greetings Gumroad Family, 

My name is Kahlil and I am a mathematics teacher in my 30th year of teaching between 4 countries on 3 continents.  I am an an American, currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa.  

Presently, I tutor students in the US, UAE and South Africa via Messenger, WhatsApp and Zoom, but wish to have a greater impact on the world since I am seasoned and have been told that I am an exceptional educator.

Currently, I have 402 mathematics videos that I have created and am on pace to make in excess of 100 per week. I need to find a home to host my videos and charge a fee for unlimited access to my material.  

Am I in the right place? 

Please advise. 
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