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I am a mathematics teacher and author with over 30 years of experience between 4 countries on 3 continents.
Thanks Pedro! 

If I am understanding your response correctly, you are suggesting I have one product that is the downloadable version and another product that is the streaming version. 

Does this imply that I must upload all of the videos twice? It seems that we are given the option to stream only or download.  This implies to me two separate products.  

Additionally, I wish to add 50 to 100 videos per week.  Should these be added to the same streaming product or should I create another product? 

I believe it would be fair to see another 400-500 videos for a similar price once I reach those numbers. 

Please share you additional thoughts. 

I plan to let Gumroad market my product also in exchange for the 13.5% commission required.  Are people satisfied with the additional customers they may acquire via this opportunity? 
The idea of allowing one to "download" .....


Do you have the stamina/patience to list the sequence of steps that I must follow to add my 402 files and bundle them under one product?  
None of my files are this large.  My only issue is the volume of files. 

I am concerned as to whether or not I may upload my 402 files and bundle them under one price. Moreover, may I add 100 new files per week? 
 Yash Poojary  how do I bundle my videos for one set price.  The algorithm seems to be structured to sell individual items, 
 Yash Poojary  thanks Yash! I am going to read from the link, but wonder whether 30 hours of video is too much to upload, with the intent of adding an addition 10 hours of video per week. It is all high school math for now, but I excelled in Calculus and Differential Equations in university and my aim is to make mathematics simple for those who struggle to comprehend lessons learned in class.