Ricardo Cruz

Indie Maker. Full Stack developer.
Hi! I'm a software developer creating apps that makes your life easier. Scuba Diver in my free time. Follow me at: https://gumroad.com/ricardocruz

Beauty Shot - Share better screenshots

Hi everyone!,

This wasn't planned at all, but I've just published my first Gumroad product!, Beauty Shot. πŸ₯³
ο»Ώ ο»Ώ
It is a free-as-in-beer desktop app (Windows/macOS/Linux) for creating screenshots that looks much better than the typical wrongly cropped with boring white background. It's super nice for improving your marketing in your social networks without spending too much time.

Now the little story behind

I do really hate when I need to share a quick screenshot on Twitter. I have my Sketch license for graphic design but still it is overkill for that task.

So I've started to play a bit using Xojo for creating a little tool to make it much more easier to prepare those screenshots. A day later, I've shared a video on Twitter showing what I was doing and it surprisingly received much more interactions than my tweets average.

This is a super simple product to serve as my very first Gumroad product. As this is our community, I would like to know about your success/failures on launching apps.

I really hope you like it!, it's free, but of course you can buy me a coffee if you it's useful for you πŸ€œπŸ€›
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The latest software indie maker around

Hey everyone!

I'm Ricardo, a software developer with 10+ years of experience, running away from this new era of remote work. Last month I've left my company in order to escape from the never ending scheduled meetings, build my own things, and take control of my life again.

I've been working remotely also for more than 10 years, and I was quite happy with it until pandemic began. Suddenly async communication was gone and video chats started to drain my energy. Does this happened to you as well?

Living in an island, now my goal is to start doing Scuba Diving again and adapt my life to my work, instead of the other way round. So that's why I'm here, I really hope to learn from you all and make new indie friends.


My first product is called Today, a macOS desktop app. It will be available on Gumroad as soon as I finish the latest details I want to add to the new version.

Thanks for reading, say hello below if you want, and let's build things together ☺️

PS: Let me know if you come to Tenerife by any chance, I know the best place to dive!
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