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released my latest free course

Hi folks.

I released my latest free course a couple of days ago.
I sent an email blast to all of my existing customers, as well as posted in several relevant facebook groups and audio forums.
I'm happy to report 152 signups as of this post.

This course is extremely niche.  I teach how to build audio plugins for the DAW. and this free course teaches how to build this thing in just over 5 hours:

The big push will occur when the youtube channel FreeCodeCamp shares the full 5hr continuous video to their audience of 2.8M subscribers.
This course is acting as a funnel into my paid mentorship courses that teach how to build other audio plugins in C++ with the JUCE framework here: 
I spent maybe 2-3 weeks putting this free course together (creating the plugin, writing a script around the creation/coding process, shooting the process of programming it from scratch, then editing the video) so I have a lot of time and energy invested in this funnel.  I am hoping it will produce a lot of customer conversions.  We shall see what happens in the next few weeks, but 152 unique customers in less than 72 hours isn't too bad for a course this niche!
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