Nor Sanavongsay

Drawing lines that tell stories.

Storytelling eBook

If there's one thing you'd want to get out of a storytelling eBook, what would that be?

I'm working on an eBook teaching storytelling. Both word and visual storytelling. Would love your feedback and some input. Thank you in advance.
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Visual Storyteller

Hello Everyone.

I've been using Gumroad since it's first year. I used it to sell digital copies of my children's book that I ran a Kickstarter for. Now, I'm starting to make some visual storytelling courses to sell. Mainly around teaching people how to illustrate picture books and comics. I would love the support of sharing my work and returning the favor. I would love also to learn from everyone here and nothing is too small. I've always wanted to publish my own comic book as a kid and now I'm actually doing it thanks to platforms like Gumroad. I will be sharing my experience so others can learn as well. I'm a decent illustrator and storytelling if anyone needs help in that area, please reach out.

I'm @ArtofNor everywhere online

Thank you!
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