Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam

My Building Habit Has started

I wrote an article on Hashnode about how to make a simple portfolio using HTML only. Do have a look and shower your valuable feedback on it.

My blog post Link:

I have also created a thread on Twitter about 10 websites to get free images. Do have a look at it too

Thread Link:
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My Strategy

My Account Link:

Channel: Twitter

Goal: Get to 1,000 followers within a month

Identity: I want to be known as the “Web Developer" among my community

My Strategy:
  1. I plan to write a thread about HTML and CSS
  2. Post about technology updates in the industry and about open source too
  3. I plan to schedule those tweets in free tweet scheduling apps and try out which works and which do not work for me

Feel free to look into my account and provide valuable suggestions to improve my account.

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Grow Your Audience Challenge Goal

Step 1: 
I have chosen Twitter as My platform.

Step 2 :
In the next 1 month, I want to have 1k followers on Twitter.

My Twitter Link:

Do give a follow if you like what I do 

And yours, what is it?
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Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone, I am Muthu Annamalai, currently pursuing BE in Computer Science and Engineering from PEC Chennai. Being a newbie, I am still learning and therefore I try to use every opportunity to know more about technology. Though I am new, I can vouch for the fact that I am a fast learner with a penchant to both learn and unlearn. I am currently into learning Web Development Also, you can find me here:
Linkedin Profile:
Git Hub: