Jacobo Del Río Molano

A normal dude.
So, I'm just a normal dude who faces everyday challenges in a unique way. My goal is to share that way.

Day 5 Updates

On this day I planned my content creation for the next three months. The strategy is as follows: Once a month I publish a free Notion template, as it is free content I'm allowed to share it in diverse groups on Facebook and Reddit in an easier way, plus I give something to the customer, all that gives me the space to gain subscribers to whom I can offer the paid content in another instance showing that those resources work even better when integrated with it. Moreover, weekly, I'll give a little advice on how to be productive without suffering, which will give me a regular presence on social media. The templates will arrive first to the subscribers of Gumroad, of course. Finally, I also scheduled another sale incentivizing people to give me ideas for templates, as I might run out of them soon.

My dream sales as I stated is 50 units per month. Thanks to what learnt here I feel a step closer to that. I want to thank the managers of this challenge for it was a very valuable experience that I'm sure helped a lot of people besides myself.

Day 4 Updates

So, as an offer for the purchase, I'm giving access to a Slack community where we get to hang out and discuss my content of course, and more importantly, the everyday affairs of the people facing life's quests in a similar way. We can support and be supported by fellows.

With respect to the sale, I already had posted the offer for the free five units in exchange for feedback, so, once I fill up those places (I don't want to publish a sale with a discount when the product is already offered for free), I will run a sale with a limit of 5 units half the price.   
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Day 3 Updates

So, I had already reached to experts in the field and was unable to get their reviews.  However, as this is a project from a random dude for random people facing similar problems, their testimonials should be even more trustworthy.

I made an offer. I would give my 35 bucks product for free (I may have gone a little overkill) to five people in exchange for feedback from their review of it. I sent the email and requested the rating for the product in Gumroad. By the way, I still have four places, so if anyone here is interested, don't hesitate to reach out: elearproductivity@gmail.com

I'm eager to publish the testimonials on the product page as soon as I get replies.

Day 2 Updates

Time to give!
As said in the introduction, I'm giving away my wisdom. Take an insight into how to solve everyday problems, embrace failure and success, and organize one's messy life for free in the Elear Productivity System's Manifesto.

Furthermore, stay tuned to my Gumroad page as I'm going to periodically (once or twice a month) publish free templates for Notion perfect for integrating with the system, it could be finance trackers or anything. Also if you wish to suggest a template, email elearproductivity@gmail.com
You suggest, I build!
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Day 1 Updates

So, I've posted my product Elear Productivity System and my expectations. Hope to get feedback about it from the community and learn a lot from the challenge.
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Hi, my name is Jacobo Del Río Molano, I'm just a random dude who has a particular way of facing everyday challenges. My goal is to share that way so that everyone can make use of its benefits and stop stressing about their lives.

My product is the Elear Productivity System. You might be asking, what is this productivity system about? It is based upon simplicity on its core, yet allowing the highest complexity without over-engineering the workflow. Any information pertaining to improve performance can find its place here throughout the carefully designed categories. That way you can accomplish your plans without having to remember how to do it.

More than just a template is a way of living, its principles can even be applied without Notion (for all the stingy folks out there!). it is a way of embracing failure and success.
Check its Manifesto for more information and free wisdom!

Now, to the green part. I put a whole lot of effort into this, hours of work, a lot of research. Initially, I did it for myself, until it came to my mind that people might be facing the same problems. Thus I'm giving away the wisdom, but charging quite a bit for the comfort of having that wisdom built into a tool, in this case, Notion. As I invested a big part of my life in it, I expect at least 50+ sales a month in return, which is to say around 12 sales a week.