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Looking for a 'human' face to add to a testimonial or another project?

 The future is now using Artificial intelligence (AI)

Fed up with using  human faces stock photos?

Seeking a copyright free more realistic 'human' face to use as a testimonial or another project  such as presentations, ebook cover etc that you may have?

I challegne you, to point out the fake human face or find a stock photo face from these  2,686,240 faces found on this website!   (Yup! NO typo! You read correctly!  2,686,240 'human' faces are currently available [Apr2021]) The generated photos are created from scratch by AI  


You can choose:
  • Background Color
  • Face
  • Head Posing position
  • Emotion
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color
  • Hair Length

however, I found some limits in the available choices.

The 'human' faces are for personal use projects but if you pay US$19.99per month you'll gain commerical rights

More on the  T&Cs here:

To download the 'human' faces you need an email address. With a free account, a link back to  the website, allows you access to  ALL images to use for any purpose without worrying about copyrights, distribution rights, infringement claims, or royalties.

PS: This AI faces website will make you gasp in amazement (very, very creepy too knowing the face looking back at you was computer generated!) especially when you refresh the page  to see the next 'face' or  click the Another link at bottom right of your screen

Even more amazing to see, are the available Art, Cats, Horses (needs more work) and Chemicals (rotating 3D versions) all created by AI

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Do you use the Canva website to create eBooks?

 If you use the Canva website to create your ebooks, you may be wondering is there a faster way to insert page numbers? Currently, you have to add them manually  with a text box on each page and until Canva adds this feature (which I am certain they will eventually) you can use this website instead:

It  allows you to select where you'd like the page number to appear on the pages, decide which pages you'd like to be numbered and you can even add text alongside your page numbers!

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DAY 01 Finally decided

Day 1: Finding Product Ideas
I have so many ideas and have whittled down to an ebook on:

  ~ a mindset nudge to place a product or service online

reader: those seeking an alternative way of earning money online but are reluctant to place their idea "out there"  because of no confidence 

result: a mindshift to go for it 


~ 30 days of mindset prompts with an expansion of the prompt's meaning and  a space for notes on the assigned action task related to the prompt

reader: one who needs a confidence boost to get going

result:   a  nudge to start  turning around the current view of themselves


Would you purchase or know someone who would?
If not, why not?
If yes, why yes?

Thank you for reading!

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Day01 Focus Focus Focus

That's what I keep telling myself and yet with so many ideas  buzzing in my head, I'm finding focusing challenging!

Decided to put the top 5 into a hat, shake and focus on the 'winner' possibilities! 

Will report in tomorrow!

The push is here after reading the status updates of other members.  Thanks for posting!!  
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